Atrogel (Arnica Gel):

  • Made from extracts of freshly harvested arnica.
  • Pain relief for stiff neck and shoulders.
  • Pain relief for other muscle aches and pains.
  • For sporting injuries such as joint sprains & strains.
  • Can be used with other medicines.

Recommended Usage

  • Apply 2 to 10 cm of the gel gently to the affected area.
  • Use between 2 and 4 times daily for pain relief.


1g of gel contains 500mg of arnica extract, equivalent (on average) to 160mg fresh arnica flowers. Other ingredients are ethanol, purified water, glycerol (derived from plants) and hypromellose (a thickening agent). The product is free from genetically modified ingredients.


  • Don’t use Atrogel® if you have broken or irritated skin, if you are allergic to arnica preparations or other members of the daisy (Asteraceae / Compositae) family, or any of the other ingredients.

Pack Size: 50ml

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