Pure Psyllium Husks Powder

Psyllium husks are known to maintain normal bowel transit by absorbing many times their weight as well as producing a viscous gel that ensures a smooth transit throughout the digestive tract.

Recommended Intake

  • Mix with a glass of water/juice 1-2 times daily & consume immediately
  • Adults: Take 1-2 (5-10g) heaped teaspoons.
  • Children: Take 0.5-1 (2.5-5g) heaped teaspoon.
  • For best results, take Psyllium husks at least 30 minutes away from food.
  • Always aim to consume 200-250ml of liquid with every 5g (heaped teaspoon).


Psyllium husks (Plantago ovata forsk)


  • Taking Psyllium husks without water can cause choking.
  • Parents should seek the guidance of a medical practitioner before giving Psyllium husks to children under 11 years.
  • Please consult your doctor before taking Lepicol if you have recently had intestinal surgery or you have an intestinal obstruction.
  • If at any time you experience discomfort after taking Lepicol, stop taking and seek medical advice.

Pack Size: 300g